Looking for award-winning restaurants in the Waikato?

Waikato diners looking for exceptional dining experiences should check out some of the award-winning venues - recognised at the 2021 Waikato Hospitality Awards.

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Hayes Common

Phone: 07 859 1041

A neighbourhood eatery offering creative robust food, craft beer and great coffee. It s a place to drop into for a bite or hang out for the evening.

Cream Eatery

Cream Eatery


Coffee - lunch - cakes with views of Garden Place.

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The River Kitchen

Phone: 07 839 2906

The River Kitchen philosophy is simple, we believe that life is too short for generic eating experiences. Food should represent where you are, it should reflect the nature and flavours of the place it was grown, raised, cured, harvested, prepared, served and eaten.

We want our food to be a window into the honesty, hospitality and agricultural splendour of Waikato; and as a celebration of the river that gives it its name, its life and its flavours. That is why we are called The River Kitchen. As much as a reflection of who we are, it’s a promise from us to you.

We serve great coffee, and make sure locally sourced ingredients go into all our breakfast, mufins, scones, brioche, lunch, home made cakes and slices. We have fresh salads and a cabinet menu. The best cafe in Hamilton.

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Punnet Cafe

Phone: 07 838 1901

Take your time to relax and enjoy life in our friendly, rustic and stylish environment.

We've got great coffee, an exciting menu, and a range of healthy cabinet food. There's even a toy box and a fun playground to keep the kids busy, so you can really unwind.

Local Waikato-grown seasonal produce is the star of the show - freshly cooked, with a focus on simplicity and flavour.

Banh Mi Caphe

Banh Mi Caphe

Phone: 07 839 1141

The family-style Vietnamese food that Anh learned from her grandmother remains at the heart of the restaurant, which offers a mix of classic Vietnamese street food, noodle dishes and salads. There is banh mi (filled baguette), banh xeo (savoury pancake); goi cuon (summer rolls); goi (mint and cabbage salad); bun (noodle salad); pho (noodle soup), and more. There is a vegan menu as well, and desserts such as rice pudding and Vietnamese-inspired banana cake.

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