Roast lamb rump, panzanella salad, salsa verde
Serves 4

4 Lamb rumps, cap on (230g)


200g Sour dough
4 Semi dried tomatoes
4 White anchovies in oil (cut into 3)
4 Large green olives (slice into cheeks)
20g Picked parsley
100g Deep fried capers
200ml EVO
2 Cloves garlic
Sprig of thyme

Remove crust from bread, dice and place in blender. Pulse till roughly chopped. Gently warm 100ml of EVO, garlic & thyme, add breadcrumbs and fry till golden. Remove & place on kitchen paper to drain oil. Allow to cool. When cool place bread crumbs, tomatoes, anchovies, olives, parsley & capers into a bowl, add the rest of the oil and season.


25g Chopped parsley
25g Tarragon
25g Basil
25g Parsley
15g capers
150ml EVO

Blanch & refresh all the picked herbs, squeeze out excess moisture. Place into a small container add capers and EVO, with a stick blender blitz till smooth. Season.
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