Warm Glass Noodle Salad

Serve - 1 portion
Prep time - 20 mins

1 tsp garlic – peeled crushed
1Tbsp ginger – peeled fine julienne
¼ c onions brown – ½ moon sliced
¼ c shitake mushrooms
¼ c snowpeas cut into 3
1 tsp chilli red – fine dice
3x bok choy leaves halved down the middle
1c cellophane noodles cooked
¼ c soy water, (50/50 water & soy sauce)
Coriander, Vietnamese mint to garnish

Saute all ingredients except noodles, soy water and herbs until fragrant. Add the cooked noodles and deglaze with the soy water.
Toss through herbs and serve.


Recipe by: Jason van Dorsten - Head Chef, Cafe Hanoi

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